A quest for aging
without losing —
a personal pledge
My Dear Friends,

About 18 years ago I decided to leave a successful career in IT to pursue a lifelong dream - find a way to allow humans to continuously improve. In my opinion, there is no cause more urgent, more altruistic, more impactful, more important, and more ambitious, than enabling humans to continuously improve. Aging is restricting our freedom in more ways than any regime, religion, or even slavery. It is the major barrier to individual freedom, hope, and prosperity. It also inhibits economic growth, and our collective ability to develop sustainably and responsibly.

And after 18 years in the field, while I clearly see significant progress in many areas of science and technology, the progress is much slower than expected. While there are many emerging business models, and substantial progress in enabling technologies, including those developed by the companies I run or advise, we are still far from curing or preventing Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

What frustrates me the most is that most people do not pay enough attention to the inevitable decline, frailty, loss of function, diseases, and death that are associated with aging and prefer to be distracted, and prefer to spend their time on other attention-grabbing causes that provide only a temporary reward. This may be because the problem feels to be so grand that it is easier to rely on on the others to solve it sometime in the future. But the problem is here, right now and every individual contributor can make a difference. Like climate change or poverty, it requires everyone on the planet to become involved. But unlike climate change, aging is causing millions of casualties and suffering worldwide.

After two decades of hard work, my commercial ventures started yielding financial returns. It would be logical to donate part of my wealth to the charitable foundation focusing on aging research. However, since my ventures are already focused on longevity or enabling technologies and, I do have a pretty good view on the recent trends, I would like to pledge everything I have and will ever have to combating And instead of donating a spend a portion of my wealth on this cause, I would like to

As a fellow human being I would like to make a pledge to spend the rest of my life working relentlessly to extend the healthy productive longevity for everyone on the planet and alow people to continuously improve. Nature is very unfair and most of the time very cruel. It made life so beautiful and pleasant and it did not give us an option to continue regardless of how hard we work and what we do.
Longevity will be the next electricity.